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At WILORTON AUTOMATION we offer experienced system integration to ensure the most cost-effective, highly operational SCADA solutions.

Our Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition - SCADA systems – are widely installed in a range of industries in the field of Water Management Systems, Electric Power, Traffic Signals, Mass Transit Systems, Environmental Control Systems, and Manufacturing Systems.

With our in-plant and remote SCADA system user friendly interface - Human Machine Interface (HMI) - monitoring multiple RTU's or PLC's, processed data are easily viewed, monitored and controlled by an operator.
HMI's can also be linked to a database, which can use data gathered from PLC's or RTU's to provide graphs on trends, logistic info, schematics for a specific sensor or machine or even make troubleshooting guides accessible.
All SCADA systems include an integrated HMI and PLC device making it extremely easy to run and monitor a SCADA system.

We provide integration services, panel design, fabrication, installation, supervision & startup/commissioning, together with comprehensive documentation & training specifications.

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