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To be operated with profit, mines, quarries, and challenging Job require the most robust, and performing machines on Earth. Wilorton is a One-Stop-Shop for all these.

Extra strong machines, ready for extreme conditions and environments sites (Such as Dams Or Oil & Gas Pipelines). Easy to set up, repair, and maintain through the entire life cycle. Robustness, versatility, mobility, mission dedication and loading capabilities are the key values of our range, designed for heavy-duty applications in mining, quarrying, construction, oil & gas, and heavy haulage.

Large vehicles for large projects: Dams and generation plants, roads and railways, water supply networks and urban subway systems, civil and industrial construction.
Versatile, easy to move and maintain vehicles and dumpers for each type of building site that are fitted with everything they need: robust chassis, durable transmission, powerful and flexible engine.

Special heavy-duty chassis, state-of-the-art driveline, simple electric and electronic architectures: everything has been designed to face the most demanding situations for climate, terrain, and loading capabilities.

This makes our Special Vehicles the ideal partner on those missions where working hard is the rule.

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