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Wilorton in partnership with SACIM has been specialized in the construction of tanks for liquid transport by road, rail, and sea, in conformity with international standards.

Tanks are designed and constructed with cutting-edge technologies, using durable, top-quality materials and components known for their reliability.

We are constantly studying innovative solutions for transport according to the demands and specific requirements of our customers and respecting the strictest Standards.

The enthusiasm, creativity, and tenacity, of all those who are part of our group, along with the high professionalism of the employees and the significant experience in various sectors, are just some of the key factors that have contributed to our growth.

We consider Quality and Safety as the fundamental principles of our culture and activity.

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Product range

  • Flammable liquids transport tanks
  • Aircraft refuelers and hydrant dispensers
  • Ecological equipment
  • Liquid transport tanks – military sector
  • Chemical liquid transport tanks
  • High-Temp liquid transport tanks
  • Foodstuffs transport tanks
  • Flammable liquid tanks

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